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Andy’s versatile style and tremendous experience allow him to excel in street skating, skateparks, vert, pools and big air ramps.


Andy has been crowned as skateboarding’s World Champion for nine years in the World Cup Skateboarding Series. He has competed in every X Games since its inception and owns 23 medals. Known for his clean image, Andy has made many high profile TV appearances in recent years, promoting a positive drug-free lifestyle, and of course, skateboarding. Andy’s appearances include 60 Minutes, the Craig Kilborn show, and The Tonight Show where he surprised everyone by ollieing onto Jay Leno's desk after being introduced. The culmination of Andy’s work with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America was a speech at the White House to introduce President Bill Clinton, where Andy was the first person to ever ride a skateboard down the smooth marble hallways inside the White House.


Positiv skateboards is Andy’s brain child and brings to focus the many positive aspects of skateboarding and its top skaters. Besides skateboarding, Andy likes eating candy, listening to music, going to the movies, and bouncing on the trampoline with his kids.

Andy Macdonald is one of skateboarding’s best ambassadors and most skilled professionals, known to millions of skateboarders all over the world as Andy Mac



1/5            Agenda Trade Show                              Long Beach CA

1/17          Skatercross demo BWG Live                  San Diego, CA

1/28          Rady’s Hospital charity SSR                   San Diego, CA

2/17-20     Snowboard cross-training                     Bend, OR

4/14-16      Clif Bar Athlete summit -Coachella         Palm Springs CA

5/6            Sheckler Foundation charity                  Lake Forest, CA

5/11-13      Vans Combi comp                                Orange, CA

6/23-14      Nitro World Games                                SLC, UT

7/12-16       XGames                                              Minn, MN

7/23-29      Woodward Camp                                 Woodward, PA

8/2-5         Vans Park Series                                 Huntington CA

8/12          Clash at Clairemont                               San Diego, CA

8/17-20     Rocky Mt. Rampage                              CO Springs, CO

9/1-4          Hawk & Friends Demo                          Argentina








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